CLASSIC SRI LANKA is welcoming to be partners on our TOUR EXPO Virtual Tourism Fair!

A leading authority on experiential wildlife and nature-based travel.

Classic Sri Lanka is a destination management company (DMC) experienced in creating and planning personalized holidays in Sri Lanka. Our passionate team have explored the country and come across vast beauties, prepared to ensure our customers the best and the most unique travel holiday. We pride ourselves on our great services, and aim to give the best travel experiences for our customers. If you are interested in discovering Sri Lanka and the best of Indian Subcontinent, Classic Sri Lanka is capable of combining your Sri Lankan trip with the cultural mysteries of India or with a sunny stay in Maldives to lighten up your vacation. We provide Professional tour agents, recommended Stays – Inns according to your expectation. Our team not only aims on giving you the best experiences of Sri Lankan Hospitality but also offer comfortable travel coaches and vehicles and will always maintain ethical standards and provide the best of services just for you.


At Classic Sri Lanka, we firmly believe to venture beyond the expectations of all our stakeholders, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 international standard including other applicable regulatory requirements and certification. This will help us to continually improve our process to ensure that we provide a quality service to our customers& stakeholders alike. Furthermore we ensure this policy is communicated and understood by all levels of the organization.


We have years of expertise travelling around the island, seeking and recommending suitable and comfortable properties for our guests. The genuine first-hand experience of our team helps them in finding and creating the perfect holiday experience for our customers. Our uniqueness of services grants our customers the opportunity to create their holiday plan, as they wish. Apart from the common standard tour packages, we offer customized packages as well. Whether it is for a newly married couple on a Honeymoon vacation, a group of bird enthusiasts in search of endemic species or a family on a relaxing holiday trip, we create and provide them the perfect travel package to their expectation. Classic Sri Lanka aims to always provide creative and innovative new experiences to our customers. While the common destination sites are being seen by thousands, we bring our customers to the hidden beauties of the country, to encounter Sri Lankan hospitality, indulging in authentic Sri Lankan flavors, sun bathing in the golden sands and experiencing being a true Sri Lankan. Classic Sri Lanka also offers luxurious travel solutions for the high end clientele, who request top of the line services such as, fast-tracking services upon arrival, departure at the airport, lodging in private villas and top-end boutique properties, private helicopter charters, scenic balloon rides, transportation in a spacious and comfortable SUV and excursions led by specialists at tourist sites with exclusivity.

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We look forward to seeing you all on the fair TOUR EXPO Tourism Fair on the 9-10th of December, 2020.

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